BAAG incorparated company is a strategic business group focused on real estate and entrepreneurial development.

We are innovation consultants. We help our clients with the difficult task of creating and making money from new products, services, businesses or brands.

Doing this successfully requires a clear strategy, a good idea and a healthy dose of commercial reality, not to mention the full financial support and engagement of the business.

Innovation can be seen as a sandwich - the filling is important but without strategy and implementation either side it is messy and ineffective. Customers don’t buy your raw ideas - they spend their money on your commercialised products and services.

We help some of the world's leading businesses with these three challenging aspects of innovation. We use a bespoke combination of strategic thinking, focused creativity and experience to best match the complexity that a task demands.

We only work on innovation but do so across a huge range of sectors (from pharma to farming), geographies and business types - from ventures with start ups and fast growth companies through to some of the world’s largest organisations.

Most of our clients appreciate that good ideas are not the same as great innovation. That's why they choose to work with Boston Annex…